tv on the radio

—wolf like me


wolf like me // tv on the radio

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—It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door


My knuckles have turned to white
There’s no turning back tonight
So kiss me one last time

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Kanye West

—Hey Mama


Kanye West - Hey Mama


For those of you who want the name of the song, here it is: Izumi Makura - Shiritai (Spacy Dandy episode 5)

The Beatles

—All I've Got To Do


1/20 Most Underrated Beatles Songs In No Particular Order

All I’ve Got To Do - The Beatles

I was looking through other underrated Beatles songs lists across the Internet when I came upon this one. One of their early originals, this song showcases John’s raw vocals and the “ahhh” harmonies behind him, which were so prominent in the young Beatles songs. Also, I really like the climb to the “And the same goes for me…” which is very driving with the addition of Ringo’s drums. Overall, this is a perfect early 60s Beatles tune!

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